Life is the most precious thing to human beings. Each
and every person across the world ensures they eat healthy meals and do a lot of
exercise to prevent their bodies from getting diseases and also boost their
life span. They are very many diseases that have led to lose of lives and caused
gaps in very many families.

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that have
cost many people’s lives. This disease basically occurs when cells in the body
start to grow abnormally. They are very many types of cancer such as breast
cancer, lung cancer and even prostate cancer. When it is detected at an early
stage it is curable but in most cases chances of survival for cancer patients
is very minimal because cancer treatments such as chemotherapies are very
expensive and most people cannot afford it.

In this section, we are going to review on how one
can cope when he finds out that his parents have cancer.

Probably we have heard or even seen how cancer
patients suffer and even end up dying. As a kid, the worst dream that can ever
haunt you is when you find out that your parents have been diagnosed with
cancer. I mean how would one even cope up on receiving this news?

When your parents have been diagnosed with cancer
this is the time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and show them how much you
love and care about them. No patient would ever feel happy when they notice you
are stressed and feel sorry for their illness.

Yes, cancer is a very terrible disease and it pains
even more seeing the people you love slowly dying because of this killer
disease. You may feel angry just let that pain out by crying. Don’t hide your
emotions because this will hurt you even more.

Sometimes these cancer patients are very stubborn
and most of them are afraid to start chemotherapy because of financial issues. This
is the time to encourage your parents at least to boost their life span. Make sure
you cherish and treasure every moment. Also try to be strong.

It is time to avoid this cancer word. Go out and
have fun together and do activities that will help you to forget that one is
actually suffering from that disease.

As a child whose parents have been diagnosed with
cancer, this is not the time to be secretive. It is time to let your relatives
know and be willing to accept any necessary help. Be it when they offer to pay
bills or even do the house chores; don’t feel shy about it because at this time
you will probably need to help your parents by accompanying them for their

This is the time to help your sick parents by
ensuring they have a positive attitude all the time. Not all of your parents’
friends have good intention towards them. If you notice that some of their
friends make them feel sad and lose hope in life then it is time to encourage
your parents to stay away from such people.

How about celebrations! Don’t you think this is the
time to make them feel loved and happy? Well, then you better start marking
your calendar and make sure you don’t miss out all those important events like anniversaries
and even birthdays. You can also make sure you motivate them by celebrating the
end of chemotherapy.

It is also very important to know the type of help your
parents need. At this point, you should accept your fate and start planning for
the future. You should organize a list of things you need to do. Like how will
you provide medical assistance and offer that physical care to your parents.

Make sure you have the doctor contact so that in
case of an emergency you can easily reach him. As much as you invest most of
your time taking care of your parents, nothing would make them happier seeing
you continuing with your normal life. So don’t hesitate to appoint a friend or
relative who can always help you take care of your parents while you are away
attending to other tasks.

Communication is the most important thing. Many cancer
patients find it hard to talk to their loved ones about this killer disease. It
is always important to make sure both parties involve themselves in an open
communication as this tends to reduce stress.

Acceptance is the best way to move forward. Although
it is not easy to deal with parents’ cancer diagnosis but we should try to make
them happy by building a strong relationship during this time.

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