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Methods for Detecting Breast Cancer and Treating It

The Different Treatments and Diagnosis Methods for Detecting Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer starts when the cells of breast
start growing out of control. These cells usually get the form of tumor that
can be seen on X-ray or felt as a lump. The tumor is harmful because the
affected cells spread to distant areas of the body. Breast Cancer predominantly
occurs in the women but men can also suffer from breast cancer, too. Breast
Cancer can start anywhere in the breast. But mostly breast cancer occurs in the
ducts that carry milk to nipple ( ductal cancers). Some breast cancer starts in
the glands that make breast milk and this breast cancer is known as lobular
cancers. There are other breast cancers available but those are less common.
Sarcomas and Lymphomas are a small number of a cancer which usually begins in
other tissues in the breast, but these two are not thought as a breast cancer.
Breast Cancer creates the cause of lump in the breast, not all do. Many breast
cancers can find on screening mammograms which can easily identify cancers at
an earlier stage or before symptoms develop. We are also needed to understand
that most breast lumps are not cancer. Non-cancer breast tumors are unusual
growth and those tumors don’t spread out of the breast and they are also not
life threatening.

The Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Finding cancer at the beginning stage is the
most essential part of any patient’s life because it helps to prevent somebody’s
death from breast cancer. Breast Cancer which is found at the early stage when
it is not spread all around the body, is easier to do successful treatment.
Getting regular screening tests can help to find breast cancer at the beginning
stage. Screening test is the best way to find breast cancer in the starting.

What are screening tests?

Screening test is the test which helps people
to get know about the breast cancer at the beginning. This test main goal is to
find breast cancer before it is got worse. Screening test applies on those
people who don’t have any symptoms of breast cancer but they think that they
can have it. If anybody finds the breast cancer during this test, it means that
the cancer has just started in that person’s breast.

Screenings recommendation for
women at average breast cancer risk

question arises that how does somebody know that she/he need to do screening
test? For screening purpose, a woman should consider when she had already
breast cancer in the past or a genetic mutation known to increase risk of
breast cancer.

Breast self-exam and clinical breast exam

also need to do self-exam for detecting that they are having a breast cancer or
not. The main symptom of breast cancer is lump. If a woman feels pain and
unusual activities in her breast during the bathing and dress then she should immediately
visit to her doctor. Women must familiar with their breasts how their breasts
normally look and how it looks during the pain. It creates clean differences.
Second major thing is that if somebody is not getting any proper report from
normal clinic but still feels the pain then he/she should move t higher

Different treatments for breast cancer


Surgery is the one of the treatments for breast
cancer. In this treatment, doctor removes the tumor from the breast but risk is
high. So before the surgery, A patient must know about the consequences after
the surgery. So a patient really needs to talk his/her doctor before taking
major step.

Radiation Therapy

Second treatment is radiation therapy.
Radiation therapy is the treatment in which doctor uses radiation to destroy cancer
cells. In this treatment, doctor targets a particular part of body and gives
there high beam radiation which helps to kill cancer cells. In the most cases
of cancer, doctor uses this treatment after the surgery for killing left cancer
cells but it can also use it before the surgery. But this treatment has cause also. While
killing the cancer cells, it also injures healthy cells which create lots of

Hormonal Therapy

therapy is the another different way for killing breast cancer. In some sector,
we find that tumor takes hormone for it growth. So in this particular
treatment, doctor blocks hormones which helps to prevent breast cancer.

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